Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taking Charge after Giving Birth

Photo from Parents Connect

When people start giving up their seats to you on the MRT, it's either you:

1) Have fractured your leg and are on crutches (No)

2) Are an elderly (Hell no)

3) Carrying your baby (DaHubster does that)

4) Pregnant

and 1 other reason..

You LOOK pregnant (BINGO!)

I blame it on Heidi Klum for making weight loss look so darn easy by dominating the Victoria's Secret runway after just 6 weeks of giving birth!

Photo from Appetite for Health

That is such a fantasy - for me at least.

I look like I gave birth 2 months ago when in reality, it's actually 2 YEARS ago!

Can you believe it?

I am still wearing some of my maternity clothes!

I get a temporary joy when I try on my maternity clothes and they are waaaaaay too big.

As if that's any reason to celebrate.

I blame it too on the fact that I have absolutely no time.

I have to work, cook, do household chores etc.

No time at all.

But of course, those are just excuses.

So I am taking challenging myself to take baby steps back to a healthy lifestyle.

Health is wealth.

It's not just about the numbers but most importantly, my life.

I need my life back and no one else can help me with that.


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