Saturday, January 19, 2013

Child-friendly Activities - Mini Bowl at White Sands Shopping Centre

If your darling toddler is growing out of her baby bowling set, then you should head down to Mini Bowl at White Sands Shopping Centre.

It is rather secluded so I'm not surprised if no one has never heard of it.

It is at the very end of the bowling arena at White Sands Shopping Centre.


Eventhough the words (MINI BOWL) are very colourful, you wouldn't really notice it.

Anyhow, it's super simple to start playing.

You just need COINS - lots of it.

Unlike adult bowling, mini bowl is not rated per hour, which is great because to be frank with you, I don't believe that the young ones can last up to an hour of bowling - at least mine doesn't.

For just $2, your little cherub can get up to 5 throws.

Super cheap, isn't it?

I think so.

Since it is child-friendly, the bowling balls are very light - even Fayrah can carry it on her own.

IMG_1357EDITEDMy Super Strong Darling

Also the bars are permanently lifted on both sides.

That is to prevent the balls from going into the gutter (Maybe they should do that when I bowl too)

IMG_1360EDITEDAin't no Highway 66

IMG_1352EDITEDReady, Set...


IMG_1355EDITEDLook at my bowling ball, Ayah!

IMG_1358EDITEDAyah giving pointers?

IMG_1359EDITEDMaybe throwing near the white line would be a better choice?

IMG_1361EDITEDReady to conquer this!

IMG_1362EDITEDGood throw, Fayrah!

IMG_1364EDITEDErmmmm, turn around darling

Do give Mini Bowl a try and let me know what you think.

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