Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time Management for Moms - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

4) Two hands are better than 1
The scene where mom is in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet meal while dad sits in his favourite chair reading the newspaper is real - in the movies!

Men in this generation help out around the household.

In my opinion, it takes a REAL man to be open-minded and lend a helping hand with the chores.

The responsibility of "bringing home the bacon" is shared, why not the household chores?

Some families resort to employing helpers to ensure the house is kept clean.

But DaHubster and I are such neat freaks and prefer doing the cleaning ourselves - only because we feel that no one else can clean OUR house as clean as the way WE want it to (crazy, I know. That's why we are such a perfect match. Heh)

Besides the idea of having a stranger going around the house, touching our stuff is just too...invasive.

5) Break down the chores
In our household, we used to spend the whole of our Sunday cleaning the house - dusting, vacuuming and whathaveyous.

But this year, we decide to break down the chores and so far, it has been working pretty well.

Though we still dust and vacuum on Sundays (only because we get home so late), we also spend about half and hour each day tackling 2 or 3 household chores together (DaHubster and I).

Got a time management tip that works?
Do share.

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