Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer Holiday 2012 - SeaWorld - Australia

We started off our second day with ... breakfast!


Breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day.

I am going to be a little emotional here and just say how thankful I am for Fayrah's non-fussy eating habits.

Yeah, there are times when I feel like screaming because she wouldn't finish up her last scoop of rice.

But I am grateful that she eats almost ANYTHING!


Anyhow, we headed downstairs for breakfast.

She loved those boots!

Spot the jumping rabbit?

Fayrah was too distracted...AGAIN!

Don't you love how the simplest thing, like having breakfast, can be such fun for the little ones.

(If you wish to read my review on Grand Hotel Chancellor Surfer's Paradise, it's here.)

After breakfast, it was time to start our agenda for the day, which was SeaWorld!

The first time I went with DaHubster (about 2 years back), we didn;t get to visit this place.

We were more interested in going for the rides rather than seeing sea animals.

(It seemed eons ago when I had the energy and courage of a teenager. Maybe pregnancy wiped off my fearless attitude)

The journey from our hotel to SeaWorld did not take very long. It was less than an hour.

One thing that I had to get used to during our family vacation to Gold Coast was the distance.

I can't believe that the journey from the airport to the hotel took 2 hours!

Anyhow, we arrived there safe and sound.


It wasn't too crowded, which was fantastic.

While waiting for the crowd to enter SeaWorld, we took the opportunity to snap snap!

Family warmth

The Kamsins

SeaWorld has a lot of beautiful sea creatures.

Great effort was made to build a surrounding that is as close to their natural homes as is possible.


No wait, this IS seagull, right?

This one? No? Ok, I give up

Put that sambal far away from me!

Still gotta smile and pose - erupting volcano or not

One of the many shows that we watched is the one with my favourite sea animal - the dolphins!

Why I like them best - because they are ME! Heh..

Anyhow, the show aims to create awareness and showcases some amazing "stunts" the wondrous creatures are capable of.

They are really amazing, you know.

So you have got to watch the performance at SeaWorld.

Where it took place

Before the show

Those amazing creatures

Doing what they do best

When there is love and respect

SeaWorld is a great place for families.

Youngsters who are more interested in testing out thrill rides may find it a tad bit boring.

There are some rides available but it may not be as exciting and thrilling as compared to the other attraction.

Beach Break Bay

Get a bird's eye view of SeaWorld

But SeaWorld has a lot of educational value.

It is perfect for families with children.

A great place to stroll along with your loved ones and enjoy the fresh air. always

The only downside of our visit to SeaWorld was because the halal cafe was under construction!

It was very dissappointing because we ended up having to eat fish and chips for most of our journey.

And that brings us to the next attraction.

Let's see if you can guess it from the picture below.

Where superheroes come to life

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