Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Holiday 2012 - Gold Coast, Australia.

During my summer holidays last year, we stayed home.

It was a time for DaHubster & and I to get acquainted with our newborn (back then) baby who is now an active, bubbly toddler.


But during the summer holidays this time round, we went all out, behbeh.

Kakak suggested that ALL OF US took a trip to Gold Coast, Australia.

Yup, all of us as in my parents, my brother & his wife, my sister and her family and MY family!

So that's a total of 8 adults, 3 children!

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous initially but we had a blast!

So the next 3 posts will be about the places we visited and what we were up to during our stay in Gold Coast, Australia.

Stay tuned, lovelies!

Upon arrival at Brisbane Airport..


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