Friday, July 13, 2012

Racial Harmony


What are your feelings after reading comments such as the one above?

For me, I felt sad and scared.

No, not fear of the insensitive individual who dared enough to post such comments.

But scared for Fayrah's future.

She IS going to be part of Singapore's future generation.

She and a bunch others.

I wonder how Singapore will be like in the future.

At the moment, we are so blessed to be able to walk down the streets and see all the different races having a decent chat, smiling, being considerate to one another etc.

But if insensitive people (like the one who posted the above comment) are allowed to say whatever they want without a thought for the consequences, will we still be able to enjoy the racial harmony that we have right now?

Spitting vulgarities to counter-attack the above comment would be an easy way out.

But doing that will make me just like him (or her).

Islam teaches me to forgive and also, I want to be an excellent role model to my daughter as well.

Fighting violence with violence will just result in MORE violence - the root problem will never get solved.

And who end up being the victims?

The children.

The innocent, naive minds who have to live in fear each day because the grown-ups just will NOT grow up.

Our forefathers went through a lot of challenges during early Singapore.

Back then, racial riots were a reality.

I do NOT want to go through such torture nor do I want Fayrah to go through that.

Though tempting, I fought any negative feelings that arose from reading that comment by looking at..

My Angel

How can you get angry looking at that face???


Anyhow, I pray for the person responsible for the comment.

I pray that he (or she) be shown that spreading violence is NEVER correct - no matter the situation.

There are other non-hurtful and peaceful ways to resolve or voice out your opinions.

I pray too that my Muslim brothers and sisters react to such comments with much patience and prayers because I believe that would be what our beloved Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) would want us to do.

May the peace we have right now last forever - especially for our children.

Insya ALLAH.

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