Monday, September 26, 2011

Early complementary feeding.

Mak kept telling me about how parents, in the olden days, would feed their children solids even before 6 months.

Being the Gen-Y mum that I am, I researched on the Internet and found out that it was safe to feed a 4 month old solids.

(Read here for early signs of complementary feeding)

I chose rice cereal as it was the easiest and fuss-free choice for me.

(Read here for an alternative first food for your little ones)

Fayrah started off with as little as just 1 teaspoon of rice cereal once daily.

I did the 4-day rule - just to see if she had any adverse effect with the rice cereal ( Symptoms that I looked out for was the regularity of her bowel movement, vomitting, allergic reactions etc)

This was how Fayrah's schedule looked like at 4 months.

Fayrah's schedule at 4 months - rice cereal once a day, 210 ml of formula milk every 4 hours.

7 am - (E) Milk
7.45 am - (A) Bath and playtime!
8.30 am - (S) ZzzzzZzz..
10.30 am - Feed cereal.
11 am - (E) Milk

I gradually increased her cereal portion.

Now at 6 months, she is eating 1 tablespoon (or sometimes 1 1/2!) of rice cereal.

I hope that helps.

Have fun, parents!

P/S: Just a word of warning - feeding your little one for the first time can be messy. VERY messy. But don't give up, keep on trying. However, remember to NEVER force your little one. She should view eating as an enjoyment rather than torture. 

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