Friday, September 16, 2011

Complementary feeding

Definition: Complementary feeding is the process of moving your baby from a total milk diet to one the includes solid food too.

Though milk will continue to supply many of the nutrients your baby needs for some time, solid foods will become an important part of the little one's diet as he becomes more active.

Complementary feeding is both an exciting and essential part of a baby's development to ensure a healthy growth - both mentally and physically.

Additionally, the proces of complementary feeding is about getting your little one used to the feeling of having food in their mouth.

The experience of eating from a spoon and introducing new textures to baby over the next few months will help to develop their swallowing and chewing skills. Over time, they will eventually manage lumpier textures and simultaneously develop the muscles they'll use for talking later on.

Based on the guide I received from Dumex Mom and Baby Club about complementary feeding, these are some of the telltalle signs that baby may be ready for more than just milk:

1) Crying or demanding more after a full milk feed
2) Being irrtable and impatient for the next feed
3) Hand chewing - This was Fayrah's obvious sign.
4) Waking up for a feed when they've previously slept through the night
5) Not settling down during the day
6) Waking up early from naps
7) Staring at you when you eat - You should see how Fayrah stares at our food.
8) Trying to reach for food you're holding - We had to remove anything that was within Fayrah's reach.

Complementary feeding requires patience and determination from us, the parents. Though it can be fun, it is also a messy and gradual process.

Your litttle one may not take onto a particular food immediately. You need to know when to back off and try to subtly get baby to try it another time. Forcing a particular food may have a negative impact of baby's mind regarding eating. He may hate eating altogether!

Like being in a relationship, you got to take it slow. d;D

(Here was how Fayrah started complementary feeding at 4 months.)

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