Thursday, March 10, 2011

It does pay to be patient.

4 years ago, my ultimate wish was to get married.

Back then, I did not think that I could even find anyone who was willing to accept me for all that I am.

Then, MyBudakTapai came along.


When we got serious, we started talking about marriage.

When we got engaged, our wedding date seemed so far in the distant that it was almost unreachable - to me, at least.

Amidst all the wedding preparations, financial planning and searching for a house, I did not realise that all challenges were preparing us for marriage life.

The trials and tribulations we went through taught us to trust each other and in ALLAH s.w.t and also, to block out any other opinions that may not know for certain what we were really going through at that point of time.

Now that we are married, communication is more important than ever.

Getting used to living together after getting the "Halal" certificate from the Kadi, was well....interesting.

Though I absolutely loved the fact that I sleep and wake up to MyBudakTapai, there were other things that needed getting used to.

To be specific, it took us a while to get used to sharing the space and our house.

Hehehehe....Sharing is caring.

Now that we have passed that (Alhamdullillah), we will need to get used to sharing the space with another member of the family.

Insya ALLAH.

To be honest, MyBudakTapai and I are pretty scared of what's to come.

However, we are also excited and very thankful for this opportunity.

Each time BamBim kicks or moves, we feel more and more happy and blessed - I could even get emotional at times.

Not a crybaby, it's just the hormones. :P

Therefore, I pray to ALLAH s.w.t that I will continue to experience a healthy and beautiful pregnancy and BamBim will be born a healthy, adorable, intelligent, well-mannered and religious child (Am I kiasu or what, huh?).

Insya ALLAH.

Now, that is all I am hoping for.

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