Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give it a rest already.

Okay, so I bet you've heard.

About that girl/tranny who was molested at the Siloso Beach Countdown Party last December.

To my opinion, we should not be trying to find out the girl's REAL gender or nationality.

The question we should all be asking her is, "Were you enjoying it the whole time it took place?"

Next question (assuming that her reply is "No."), "Why didn't you shout for help when the molestation was happening? Why did you stay and allowed those perverts to grope you all over?"

Personally, she looked like she enjoyed the whole thing.

Even if she was drunk, she could still feel those (hairy, sweaty. Eurgh!) hands on her skin and she should have shoved them off immediately and shouted for help.

If she did those things, I believe that those men (or women) who were filming her would be more than happy to come to her rescue.

But she did nothing to show to the on-lookers that she needed to be rescued!

Anyhow, I seriously can't believe that someone created a Facebook account to defend her!

Oh gosh!

Why defend something that is not being treasured?

From the video, the girl in question clearly did not respect herself enough to dress properly and quickly move away from those perverts.

So why are we defending her right to be given some help when she doesn't want to be rescued?

Well, she didn't act like she needed any help, at least.

The girl need to get more clothes and stop acting like a tramp if she doesn't want to be treated like one.

Acting in that manner only showed men how little respect she has for herself.

It was also a disgrace to woman all over because the molestors probably think that all ladies in bikini like to be groped like that and that they can go around molesting others just because that one lady allowed them to.

Those molestors need to be jailed - for life. The fact that they took advantage of the situation is just disgusting.

Their pictures should be pasted all over the island and whoever spot the perverts should whack them half to death.

Even then, I think it's not enough to compensate for treating a woman (or a he-she) that way - eventhough she (or he-she) was asking for it.

Anyhow, I've said my 2-cents.

I just pray that nothing of the sort happen to me or any ladies I know (or do not know).


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