Monday, May 4, 2009

99 Balloons

Islam teaches us to be patient and respect someone else though they are of different faith.

The depth of someone's faith is not measured by a fellow human being but by ALLAH, Al-Mighty.

What we can do is learn from one another - regardless of our faith.

Because as long as you know and remember our Creator, ALLAH s.w.t, that is all that matters.

So despite the fact that the couple in the video below are non-Muslims, I truly admire their courage and faith.

ALLAH was trying to teach me something from this video - when in despair, seek help from no one else but HIM.

I feel that faith in ALLAH is the ultimate weapon of a Muslim.

My dear friends, have tissue paper ready before watching the clip - be you man or woman.

It touched my heart when I first watched it on Oprah.

You have been warned.

Dear Elliot

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