Thursday, April 16, 2009

A month later.

Was it just a month ago that the day happened?

The day that woman provoked me and made me lose my cool.

The day my reputation was tarnished.

Yup, almost. It was almost a month ago.

What happened really opened up my eyes to the working world.

Though getting the pay each month is fantastic, the reality of the working world is something that is far from beautiful.

But I got up and brushed the dust off my shoulders.

I am stronger mentally as well as spiritually. Insya ALLAH.

Though the presence of the people in the room would seem somewhat intimidating under normal circumstances, I kept my cool.


I did not put on a facade and spoke the truth - that I was unhappy in the partnership, very unhappy indeed.

I was calm and collected and most importantly, I spoke my mind.

Now the right people know how I truly feel in this current partnership and why I reacted the way I did previously - well at least, I hope they do.

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