Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give her a break, for goodness' sake.

All of us have our little fears.

For me, it's bugs - especially cockroach.


Just the mention of it send shivers down my spine.

But for some people, it's cats.

To me, cats are adorable. Though I tend to be slightly cautious when touching them, I still do love them.

But for some people, once they spot a cat , they will run 100 kilometres away from the "crime scene".

Or even worse when they are eating.

For me, if I were to see a cockroach crawling around my table, I will either pack my food or leave my favourite Hainanese chicken rice and run far, far away from it.

Yup, it's crazy but it's true.

I don't do it to seek attention or to "act cute" (Because I am adorable, naturally. Heh) but it's because I really can't stand to be anywhere near the insect.

So I find it extremely insensitive if anyone were to tell me that my reaction when I spot a cockroach is exagerrating.

Not that anyone has ever done that to me. Alhamdullillah.

But a dear friend of mine was told off for "over-reacting" when she spot a cat while eating at JB.

Kesian kan.

She is not the sort to seek attention for any reason, it's just that she really is afraid of cats - EXTREMELY afraid of cats.

She's so afraid that she would cry if a cat gets even close to her.

I can totally understand that!

I can totally feel her fear!

Cats may seem harmless to YOU (Yes, I bet you know who you are.) but it's not to her!

Cockroaches seem harmless to someone else but to me, it's ... beyond words. Disgusted is not even enough to describe how I feel about cockroaches. Ugh!

To YOU, (You insensitive, feelingless dimwit) try to be sensitive, for once.

Just because you have a *bleeping* degree does not make you a scholar in the lesson of life.

You may possess an honours degree but you have absolutely no idea how to care about people's feelings.


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