Thursday, July 24, 2008

No worries, location is not revealed.

Apparently, she used to stay at the block of flats opposite mine.

Apparently, my parents knew her parents and hers knew mine.

Apparently, the lady whom we saw the other day at Tampines was her mother.

I am quite ashamed to say this but when Mak said the things above, I did not really believed her but I acknowledged it anyways.

Up till now...

Another neighbour came by our house some time last week to send the wedding invitation below.

Norfasarie & Baihakki's Wedding Invite. You going?

So I guess it's all true then.


In order to feel less guilty about not (fully) trusting what Mak said all those times, I treated her to Swensen's.

Baju yang import dari London tu dah sampai belom, Mak? Takut nanti tak glamour pulak...hehehe

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