Friday, July 25, 2008

Ladies and GentleMan..

I managed to find my favourite scene in the latest and most hyped-up movie of the summer - The Dark Knight.

Why so serious? Relek ah babe.

The movie was pretty good but I would not spend my last dollar on it.

It's quite sad to say but I believe that the only reason why the movie receives so much hype is obvious - because of the late Heath Ledger.

Like MyBabyLuv commented, he felt that the movie was mainly focused on Joker.

True, Heath did an amazing job as Joker.

Far, far different from the past Jokers. Gothic I am not but I sort of liked how Heath portrayed the darker side of Joker.

He accentuates Joker's ability to manipulate non-believers to the point of making them doubt and turn against themselves. Joker was psycho but an extremely intelligent one at that.

To be able to convince audience proves Heath's credibility as an actor.

It is certainly not an easy task to change oneself -mentally, physically and emotionally - in order to put on the shoes of a personality far from your own.

Maybe the late Australian actor did took the role too far. So much so like he allowed the Joker to take over his life and start living and thinking as the incredibly clever psycho.

Who knows? Sighs.

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