Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our tanned backs as remembrance

What do you do with two months of school holiday?

You drag your boyfriend to the Botanical Gardens on his non-working day!

Okay, that may not exactly be what a sane girlfriend would do but I have lost any common sense since I hit puberty.

That's why we managed to capture shots of some girls doing....things.

Lady On A Hammock

Girl On A Swing

Girl On A Bike

Hehehe...Yup, we were dissappointed too.

Though the sun was scorching hot, we enjoyed the day.

I certainly enjoyed every single second of it.

How can I not?

Service with a smile

So what if the paper he held was not enough to shade my whole body from the natural heat?

It's the thought that counts, darling.

Not everything has to be perfect.

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