Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grateful still.

3 whole days of tying cable ties, smiling like a fool to customers (Hi, Sir...Good morning, Sir...Have a great weekend, Ma'am), entertaining typical Singaporeans (Eh cannot further discounts ah, I buy so many. 1 book 50cents lah. $2 dollars so expensive lei) went by very quickly with the company of two strangers who turned out to be such great company.

Dumb & Dumber - tapi budak NUS/NTU. Who's calling who dumb,huh?

Though my energy was squeezed till the last drop, I enjoyed my first part-time assignment and at the end of it, I am thankful for the amount I earned.


However, what motivated me to endure the 3 days was a surprise visit from an unexpected person.

Si mamat yang hayun tangan dia tinggi-tinggi bila main bowling.


MyBabyLuv, I appreciate the surprise visit. If not for you, I would have just called in sick for the following two days of my part-time assignment.

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