Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For I am only human.

While I threw a tantrum like a spoilt brat and fussed about how unfair my life is, a colleague of mine from the other side of town battled cancer.

While I folded my arms with a HURMPH! because I did not get my way with MyBabyLuv, that colleague of mine passed on.

When I received the heartbreaking news (via SMS), I simply stopped everything and just sat down. 

It was like a wake-up call for me.

Everyday, I live my life fussing and getting annoyed about such trivial matters.

Somehow or rather, I felt stupid, immature and very silly.

What is losing your husband when compared to not being able to spend as much time with your boyfriend as you have hoped to?

What is battling with cancer when compared to having to postpone from buying that dress you have been looking for for months?

What is death when compared to living with an imperfect family?

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Masya ALLAH.

Small matters are thrown out of proportion because we forget that while we go through the troubles in life (which may seem like the worst thing), there is someone else who is going through much, much worse events at that same time.

We also forget ALLAH s.w.t will not befall any misfortunes that are beyond our capabilities. 
HE knows us better than we know ourselves.

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