Friday, November 23, 2007


I am angry. Very angry!

What happened this morning was the exact reason why I prefer working with children rather than adults.

You would think that age and maturity would guarantee sensible behaviour.

But No! I was wrong. So blardy wrong.

Today was Red Day (that means the children as well as the teacher had to put on something red).

Upon seeing the children wearing red items, one of my parents got mad at me! Why?

Because I did not remind her of the special day when a letter to the parents have been sent out last Monday specifically explaining the Red Day!

Apparently, the system that my partner and I are adopting at the moment is just so bad.

The thing that annoys me about dealing with people is that some of them are just so blardy insensitive of others' feelings.

They themselves are very easily offended but they don't understand that other people have feelings too.

I do acknowledge the fact that that parent is pretty stressed out with her work as well as family life. However, I am not a punching bag, for goodness sake! Don't take it out on me.

If all the other parents can remember that today is Red Day, are you sure that the teachers are to be blamed for adopting a systems that is just sooo bad?

I do not wish to judge your parenting skills or time management but I think that you should be mindful of such strong accusations.

Today is Red Day and Miss Liza is seeing RED!

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