Sunday, July 22, 2007

What She Said

Word of caution! This entry is going to be wordy and lengthy.

However, I need to voice out my opinion nonetheless. So people, please bear with me.

I am bursting with anger just even thinking about these four scenarios which happenned to me not long ago.

I need your opinions.

My dear jolly people, tell me whether or not you would be full of rage if caught in the exact same situations. Let me know, okay.

Okay, here goes.

Oh wait, before I start, I think I need to first and foremost inform you that all these nasty comments were made from a single person. (You would be amazed at how one person can say such horrid and hurtful comments to another.) Let's just call her NastyGirl.

Just a little history on NastyGirl.

I have known her from way back during my selenger bachin days in secondary school. We were pretty close at one point of time. However, I don't think she knows me inside out but yeah, she does know me slightly more than others given the number of years, we have been "friends".

Okay,okay, here goes.

I cannot control the anger any longer.

Hurtful Comment Number One - NastyGirl read my 17th July entry and speculated that MyBabyLuv and I have"...broken up".


Yes, she said those words exactly! Rude, don't you think?

Hurtful Comment Number Two - NastyGirl asked how many ex-girlfriends MyBabyLuv has.

What the fuck do you care!

That is no business of anyone except of ours (and by ours, I am referring to MyBabyLuv and I)!

As if that was not intrusive enough, she mocked me for not bothering to remember the answer to her question above!

What an unclefucker ass!

Hurtful Comment Number Three - NastyGirl attempted to give me doubts on MyBabyLuv's virginity!

"I'm sure you are a virgin, Liz. But is he a virgin?" NastyGirl's exact words

What gives you the damn right to question his virginity is beyond me.

Hurtful Comment Number Four - NastyGirl "congratulated" me on being able to find someone who has experience in being a relationship.

I wondered if she was seriously happy for me.

I doubt so.

Okay, dear jolly people, tell me.

If caught in the same situation, how would you feel?

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