Monday, July 23, 2007

Just for Nasty

Reading my 22nd July entry below will make more sense of this "letter".

Dear NastyGirl,

I seriously thought that you have changed but I was so wrong. You are as manipulative and bitchy as you were back then.

I cannot fathom why you would do and say such things. Maybe you're jealous, maybe you're insecure or maybe you're just naturally fucking mean. I don't know and I am not going to stick around any longer to find out.

Here are my responses to your hurtful comments.

MyBabyLuv's past is purely our business - and ours alone. No one will ever has the right to know it.

Anyways, I don't see how the number of ex-girlfriend my boyfriend has can do to our relationship. So what if he has 5, 25 or 5000 ex-girlfriends? Those girls are his past. I seriously do not care about them! But what I do care is that right now, MyBabyLuv and I are together. Knowing the number of his ex-girlfriends or their names will not help or improve our relationship in any way.

I thank ALLAH s.w.t for granting me an honest boyfriend. I cannot think of any excuse as to why you would question MyBabyLuv's virginity - other than to make me doubt my boyfriend and in turn, hopefully we fight.


If that was your intention, then I think that you are damn sick!

Yeah, I may not have been in a relationship before. Only because I am never the sort of person who needs to be with a guy just so I can look good holding his hand while walking down the street.

Not trying to show off but I have had my fair share of admirers, thank you very much.Nothing worked out between those men and me was because I do not see that they are worth my time.

One can only plan for the future tapi ALLAH s.w.t yang menentukan semuanya. But I see something different in MyBabyLuv and that's why we are together.

Yes, it took a long time coming but I believe that it's worth it. Because deep down, I know that I did not waste my time "jumping" from one worthless relationship to another.

I think I have said my piece.

But before I go, NastyGirl, I have a request.

My request is for you to stop communicating with me - ever. Yes, do not contact me or text me or ask me out anymore because I do not want anything to do with you.

My loved ones think that you're weird and have advised me to stay away from you - which I will do with great pleasure.

I think you know who you are. So please, do me a favour and get out of my life.

I am sorry if I was ever mean to you, sengaja atau tidak. However, I am not apologising for the things that I have typed above.

It was nice knowing you (Sorry, I lied. It was not nice knowing you) and take care.

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