Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Coffee,Tea or MissLiza?

I may not have the most glamorous job in the entire universe.

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My job may not take me to exotic places around the world.

I may not need to possess the figure like that of a Coca-Cola bottle in order to fit into my uniform.

Purchasing a Prada purse (Yes, just the purse) may mean I need to starve for the next six months (or worse still, two years!)

I may not need to walk with a poise while pulling my luggage bag walking around the airport lobbies.

I may not get to travel for free once a year to my choice destinations.


I am contented with running around the playground, playing we-are-the-monsters-so-let's-catch-MissLiza-the-fairy-princess.

I am contented with getting my hands all blue because it is stained with food colouring after a tedious ArtNCraft activity with the children.

I am contented with having to sit and listen to the children because they chat non-stop.

I am blessed as I can see the sincerity in their eyes when they say "I love you very much, Miss Liza," without asking for any treats in return.

I feel accomplished when their parents thank me for they can see the positive changes in the children under my care.

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