Monday, November 6, 2006

Another great read

I simply love stories

The heartbreak, the textbook endings, the transformation of the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, the charming prince who will sweep her off her feet. Every single bit of a love story appeals to me. Yes, some may say that it is all very typical and very predictable. Well, I love it still.

But this love story is different. A different kind of love. A love very unpractical, unpredictable and simply out of this world. It still is a page-turner, nonetheless. I loved every single chapter.

Once you are able to decipher the mysterious identity of the main character, it does get you thinking if the relationship is possible. But sometimes, you just got to keep an open mind. It may be possible, it may not. But who cares. I don't.

It is able to leave that mark on me. It's like the bitter taste after drinking a strong cup of coffee. It is hard to get rid of the taste till you put something else into your mouth. It does that to me.

Cecelia Ahern is an exceptionally fabulous author. She mixes typical scenarios with bizarre ones.

I have to admit that Cecelia Ahern is by far my favourite author..ever.

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