Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Mummy, mummy...

Mel B - Lullaby
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Motherhood hits the highest this month - for most women I know at least. I bet the stork is very, very busy delivering the adorable little ones to their beautiful mummies.

I pray that those lucky women learn to truly enjoy your living joys. They are God's gift to you and your ever-loving spouse(s). After 9 months of an extremely close connection between you and the baby, it's now finally the time for the little tyke to see the wonders of the world - plus life's buggers that creeps up when one least expects it.

I watched Oprah today and 3 women came on the show saying how they became suicidal because the pressure of being a mother was too much for them to bear.
At this point of time, I have to be frank that I am not able to understand how that is even possible. How could you be so pressurised to the point of suicide? In school, pressure does get to me sometimes but my students never fail to surprise me and make me alright again. I am probably the last person to be talking about motherhood (For now, at least) because I do not even have children of my own.

However, what I do know is that motherhood is one of the bestest thing to happen to a woman. It's a privilege. Household chores, sending the boys to soccer practices or girls to ballet, driving them to school or tuition classes, ironing, cooking can make one's life almost monotonous after a long while. But mothers, please know this. Without you ladies, the family does not function. It's true. My family will go haywire if my mum was not around. She is the engine that keeps the family running. We love her for that. She touched our lives each day with all the things she said and do. My mother taught me a great deal about life and everything else. I can never imagine life without her and would not even want to. Her love (despite my failures) keeps me going and her strength and confidence makes me proud to be a woman. I may not show how much I treasure her but whatever opportunity I have, I will let her know.

Like all other strong yet gentle, independent yet loving, soft-hearted yet determined mothers, she set the pathway for girls like me to embrace motherhood with positivity. I am not pregnant (yet) but when I am given my privilege, I shall embrace and enjoy it as like how my mummy has shown me. Insya ALLAH.

To all new mothers out there, take a deep breath and look ahead with strong postive vibes. You are already making an impact in your children's lives just by being who you are. Don't ever succumb to the pressures of life because you are extremely strong. God created us with so much inner strength and willpower. All we have to do is just reach within ourselves for that and know that you can only be brought down - only if you allow it to. You have everything it takes to be a good mother.

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