Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Okay

5 minutes after mourning for the "loss" of Lance Bass, I was all well again.

Why? Because WADE ROBSON is coming down to Singapore!


His moves are simply to die for and that's not to mention, his good looks. The looks speaks for itself.

Dinah wants to have his babies but I have his heart. Ha!

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He's looking right into my eyes. Awwwww..I love you too, baby.

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He makes this suit look gooooood.

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Spiky hair, no hair. when you're fiiiiine, it doesn't matter. Thou shalt look fiiiiine anyways.

1 comment:

faizah said...

khaliza..haizzz...wad's this abt wade robson?? tsk tsk tsk...dun be so into him girl...skali in the end turn out to be as gay as ur lance haha...rili couldn't believe it siak...but then again, he does look like one fine gay.