Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Duty Calls

Today marks the last day of my 2-month summer vacation.

Frankly, I am just so darn lazy to get back to school.

But frankly also, I cannot wait to get back to school and meet my new batch of Little Rascals.

2 months was a very long time and a whole lot of thing happened.

I nursed a broken heart, learnt a great deal about loving and giving, lost weight, got re-acquainted with an old friend (ie: myself. Heh), was let in on an ultimate secret about an excellent friend of mine, am on a mission to accomplishing a childhood dream and the list goes on and on.

Eventhough I have to admit that 2 months bumming around was simply not enough (Slacking is meant for eternity), I have to say that I need to get back to what I love to do so I will not be brain dead and lazy.

I am extremely glad for the darn long break and come tomorrow, its show time!

Miss Liza will be back in action with more tolerance, patience and whole lot of madness!
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