Monday, July 3, 2006

Cosmos woes

It's really quite a waste of time to keep on dwelling on the things that we would like changed rather than focusing our energy on the things we really like about ourselves.

I used to have really clear skin. Well, okay to be honest, it was not as clear nor as soft as the skin of a newborn but most importantly, it was pimple-free.

For reasons only known to The Almighty, I have developed a straight line of pimples right across my left cheek. It is literally a straight line. Some of my friends call it my Northern Star (I am blessed with such thoughtful and "sensitive" people I call idiots. I mean friends. Heh) On top of that, I have this obvious pimple mark on my upper lip (I have also recently discovered the magic of concealers.) For a while, I used to dread going out and I couldn't even look at other people because I felt like all they see when they look at me is my...pimples.

It was all to much for me to bear. Was too much.

Mama was so frustrated when I continuosly moaned about my pimple woes that she finally looked at me in the eye and said,

"Adik, I am sick and tired of your silly complaints. It could have been worse. Remember how so-and-so looked like. She had pimples ALL over her face. For goodness sake, shut up and be grateful that it's not worse."

If that doesn't wake me up and stop me from being all whiny, then I don't know what will.

My Northern Star is still there and so is the pimple mark on my upper lip. Despite that, I still do make the choice to go out and have loads of fun with my friends - just like the good old days. On top of that, I am smiling again - and I am confident that it's my smile that is more obvious.

It's mind over matter, really. What a powerful tool the mind is.

Masya ALLAH.


Anonymous said...

tu ar, makan benda2 minyak, mana tak keluar pimples, kena pimples pon tak leh handle, nie semua CUBAAN.. weak ar lu khaliza :P

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to Anon - ye saya tau ni semua cubaaan...sebab itu skarang Miss Liza relaks jeeeeeeeer