Monday, June 12, 2006


My current choice of music video says what will be hard for YOU to accept.

Understand me.

Understand why I did what I did.

Understand how I could say those things I said to YOU, which I didn't mean to.

Understand how I can accept YOU for all that YOU are - YOUr weaknesses and strengths.

Understand that it can take a lifetime to comprehend love but it takes just a little while to fall in love.

Understand how YOUr words hurt me.

Understand why I got upset by those words.

Understand what YOU are apologising for.

Understand that I am willing to go through life's turmoils with you - if YOU would only let me.

Understand that pressurising YOU is the last thing I want to do.
Understand how I struggle to keep myself sane while juggling between the temptations to hold YOU and not pressurise YOU.

Understand how I had to resist myself from picking up my mobile from calling YOU.

Understand how I miss YOU.

Understand how I love the fact that YOU were the last voice I heard before slumber.

Understand how the pain of not knowing what we are now suffocates me.

Understand why I had to hide my tears from the world when I pass by the places we went to.

Understand all that I am.

I want to understand YOU - but YOU never let me.

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