Saturday, June 10, 2006

Book Review - Split Ends by Zoe Barnes

Book synopsis
8 years ago, when Hannah was a struggling single mum, Nick Steadman seemed perfect, Kind strong, reliable - and perfect step-dad material.

Ok, so their relationship has never been based on passion, but it has plenty of respect, friendship and trust. But after eight years together, they're beginning to realize that friendship isn't enough.

The solution? An amicable divorce. Which would be just fine if it wasn't so hard to explain to nine-year old Lottie. And if Hannah didn't find herself a teeny but annoyed at Nick's ability to move on so quickly.

Not that she isn't happy for him and his new lover. They may be divorced but they can still be friends...can't they?

My review
This book went everywhere with me. I couldn't put it down. Such a page-turner. I loved how it doesn't just focus on any particular character. The author doesn't overload me with excessive information about one character while neglecting another. Zoe allowed me access into the minds of the different characters - which allowed me to know how they felt in the same situation. It was very interesting and I admired how Hannah remained supportive of his new lover despite her realization of her love for Nick. She was able to remain cool and gave unbiased advice to Nick during rather tense situations.

I definitely enjoyed reading this novel. It isn't too fairy tale but a happy ending, nonetheless.

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