Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh bother..

Okay, okay, I have to something to confess. When it comes to the way I dress to work, I purposely dress down. My excuse: you have not seen my lovelies. They are mad! (but I looooove them sooooo much. I really do.)

Everyone around me always has a thing or two to say about my dress sense. (Okay, okay so I dress sloppily.) Just the other day, Mak commented on the sandals (did I tell how much I miss my Birkenstocks? Those darn shoe thieves!) I always used to wear them to school till they got stolen.

Anyways, that was Mak's two-cents worth on my footwear. Then just a few days back, a colleague commented on my dress sense. Apparently, I should be wearing earrings to school and put on a little bit of make-up. Shesh! I don't even put on make-up when I go out. Most of the times, not even lipstick. Yes, I'm that sort of girl. Of course, there are days I might want to just doll up for whatever reason. But mostly, I'm really, really simple. Argh! I know everyone gave the comments with much love but seriously, at times, I just wish that they would just shut their gaps - until their opinions are called for.

Should I even take these opinions into account or just chuck them my mind's trash bin?


Dinah said...

Well, I always think that moderation is good. To be simple is good but not too simple that makes people look down on you. Too much is just bad, you would look like a xmas tree.

Just do everything in moderation. Maybe you can start by applying mascara and lipgloss to school...personally that is all that I would wear to school.

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Miss Liza to dinah - Personally, mascara and lipgloss are the only things i will ever wear - in AND out of school. hehehehe....and on my good days, maybe just maybe blusher...hor3...yes, im spastic...oh well...