Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To Down Under

Dear Dinah,

I have to be honest with you. I am extremely shocked that wanted to look me up after all this time. However, I am glad that you did. I truly am. Like I said, I was actually wondering how you were getting along before you posted that (first) tag on this blog of mine. Everytime I walked past your void deck, I hope to bump into you - just to see how you were. Then by God's grace, you sent me that tag. Seriously, I was not expecting it. I was just darn shocked to hear from you. I was even more taken aback the day you apologised to me during our MSN conversation. It took me quite a while to register what you typed (Yes, I am still that S.L.O.W) In my mind, I started to question.

What does she want from me?
Should I even respond to this tag?
Should I forgive her?
Should I let bygones be bygones and start afresh?

I felt so stupid. It's because I do not have the right to even ask these questions. I believe that in a fight, both parties have to apologise and are in the wrong - yes, even the one who is in the right. What right do I have to ask those questions? I should be apologising as well. Up till today, I still cannot remember what the fight was about. Yeah, I can remember bits and pieces but as a whole, I have no idea what brought us apart. Quite silly, isn't it? Maybe it took a while for me to forgive because it felt easier to hate and put the blame on you. I am sorry. I really am. I feel horrible even thinking about it.

To be frank with you, I truly enjoyed those times I spent with you. We could break down into laughter for the stupidest things. It felt good to be able to be myself. I don't get that many chance to be so these days. (Being crazy and stupid isn't in anymore. It never was. It was always about looks)

Alhamdullillah. I am ever so grateful to ALLAH s.w.t that we are both doing so very fine. I have to admit that I am extremely thankful as well that you initiate the journey to forgiveness. For that, I salute you. It is never easy to say, "I'm sorry." And you did it. Good job, Dinah! (Oops! I'm sorry. I say it in school ALL the time. I can't help it sometimes. Hehehehe) I hope you have a wonderful life and am really looking forward to spending time with you when you're local.

Yours with love ,


Anonymous said...

Oh my god..touchingnya.....
Yati here.....

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to Yati - wat can i say....aku nikan minah berbunga-bunga...hehehe