Tuesday, February 14, 2006

When girl meets up with old-time boy

When a girl is in like (because love is too strong a word, no?), should she :-

1) get worked up when Mr. Potential takes ages to reply to her messages?

2) feel that she must take the same amount of time Mr. Potential took to reply to her messages in order not to seem too free?

3) get worked up when Mr. Potential didn't ask how her day was after he was given the opportunity to describe his day?

4) feel (even more) horrible when she is so, so sick but he doesn't know and she wants him to know but she doesn't know how to because he didn't bother to find out how her horrid day was?

5) consider it a form of rejection that he doesn't seem to flirt back when she was being naughty even though she knows that he is not the kind of man to do that (and his good-boy-for-real persona is what attracts her to him)?

6) stare at the screen of her mobile so hard (till her eyes pop out?), hoping for a text message or better still, a telephone call from him?

7) freak out when she did not receive a "good night" message from him after falling asleep to that same message every other previous nights?

8) subtly hint it to him on how she really does care about him eventhough stories about his ex pisses her off (big time)?

9) just tell him straight up that he should "get his balls on" (about his ex) although saying so will somewhat tarnish her ladylike image (not that he doesn't know what a tomboy she can be. But she wants him to know that she's change..for the better)

10) just tell him straight to his face that she is able to give the care, concern and love he needs (Insya ALLAH). More than what the bitch (Oops! I meant his ex) could ever give in a million years.

11) wonder and wonder (till her head hurts) when Mr. Potential does not reply to her messages after like 15 minutes? (She would freak out big time after like 1 hour of no reply.)

It's normal, right? To have all this crazy thoughts and desires at the back of a girl's mind when her mind is filled with a Mr. Potential? It is, isn't it? But who cares about being normal, anyways. I don't.


Pujangga Malam said...

Senang je, my advice is:


sharinna said...

Hmm..what Pujangga Malam say is true.
Psst...kita sebagai kaum hawa mesti tarik harga sikit tau. Shhh..jgn bilang org,eh.

zuhri said...

don't worry dik, it's absolutely normal. just don't go overboard kay, in case mr potential doesn't share the same enthusiasm. if he does, i'll allow u to jump off the boat with excitement...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Yati ask r u in love??

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to PM - Wise words from a wiseman.

Lizzie to sharinna - see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. my lips are sealed. d;)

lizzie to zuhri - i hope to be able to jump off the boat with excitement, abang but....tak per lah...kalau jodoh tak maner lah kan....

Lizzie to yati - in love? ish...that's too deep lah....