Friday, February 24, 2006

Human abuse

One tends to be extremely careful when it comes to defining the type of relationship one wants from the opposite gender. However (for most of us), our gestures (which by the way includes body language) tend to show more than just friendship, most off the time at least. (Just in case, some of you don't know or choose not to know) That will confuse the other party. Mixed signals, as some would call it.

Does he really like me or am I just a friend? But why would he go to
that extent if I am just a friend?

This is extremely convenient for when one decides ultimately to not be with that someone (for whatever reason), there will be no guilty conscience because there is no obligation. Yeah, that's it. No obligations. It was already earlier defined as just friendship, isn't it? Maybe one can go about convincing oneself by saying that, "Hey, I didn't say you are my steady boy/girl friend. I said, you were my friend." No guilty conscience.

But one may also forget that the world is round and like they say, what goes around comes around.

Some call this as widening your social circle (*rolls eyes*). Personally, I define it as cruelty towards the human race. Playing with another person's feelings is pure evil. Maybe it's just me but hey, this is MY blog.

Yes, yes, yes, I do write most of my posts based on personal experience (this one included). No, no, no, I am not experiencing it right now (I pray that I never have to). It just sickens me when people play it so darn safe when it comes to liking (or maybe even loving?) someone. I can't comprehend why one just cannot be straight forward about one's feelings towards a person and take the risk to be with that other person. Being alive itself is a risk, isn't it? It's because whatever you do might be the last chance you have of being alive. Living is about risks. Living is a risk. If not, then just be dead and then you will never have to feel the pain of death. If the other person is a friend, then one must learn the fine line between platonic friends. One must learn.

However, looking at this issue from another angle, my opinion starts to differ. Dealing with human feelings is never easy. Experts can try to categorise the human characteristics according to horoscopes, race, nationalities or even gender. They will never be able to nail that one particular foolproof way to deal with the human feeelings.

But then again, maybe I am just being pessimistic.


zuhri said...

follow ur heart

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Lizzie to zuhri - short and simple but oh so meaningful. thanks, abang zuhri!