Monday, January 23, 2006

Revise NOT for the better

My pay was revised. Apparently, the management looked at the wrong scale (?!?!). I was a little annoyed by it initially. I had just re-did my financial plan yesterday night with quite a few hundred dollars to spare. It felt good to see the figures and I bet it will be exceptionally wondrous to have the actual cash in hand.

However, today before I went home, I was told about the revision in my pay. Anyhow, I thought about this while I was on my way back. Maybe the decrease in the amount being brought back home will do me some good. Okay, okay, I know I have said this for the zillionth time - this could be my chance to learn to be thrifty. Hehehehehehehe...I am such a spendthrift. I buy the most useless things and end up never ever using them - especially clothes. It's disgusting, isn't it? I spend like I have a millionaire dad (which I don't. ALLAH knows best).

Less money to spend, less shit to keep in my already-choked-up-to-the-neck wadrobe.

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