Monday, August 1, 2005


How dare she! How dare she try to take him away from us! She will never succeed in doing so. NEVER! We are tight as can be. Nothing can break us up. This incident has not driven us away from him. Instead, it has deepened our love and care for one another. How dare she try to do the most despicable thing! She will never succeed! He is our brother, son and family! YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED IN TAKING HIM AWAY FROM US! NEVER! We will never allow such rubbish to happen to him. We will try to do whatever we can to save him from your wretched mother and yourself. I do not want to hate anyone but the feelings of hatred seem to tempting to be left behind but I will not succumb to it.

Aren't you afraid of the consequences of your behaviour? You are a disgrace to Malay-Muslims the world over. I pray each day and night that I will never be someone like you. I will treat my life partner with the utmost love, care and concern. I will shower my offspring(s) with my undying maternal affection. Subahanallah. I pray that I will never be like you. O Allah, refrain me from doing anything as portrayed by that woman, O Allah. For I am not capable of facing Your wreath and hurting my parents (and future parents-in-law).

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