Friday, July 29, 2005

Cold-hearted mammal

People can just change from being the most understanding and caring boss to one heck of a pain in the arse. I submitted my resignation letter yonks ago (okay, I'm exaggerating. It was just a few weeks ago.). Maybe I was just paranoid but I noticed that my boss started to act a little cold around me. Just yesterday, I requested for a full day leave (For the record, whatever form of leave I take will be considered as unpaid leave, as per the contract. WHATEVER!) I understand that it was rather last minute but seriously, I know it will not pose as a problem if they were having parents coming in for trials. ( That's how it is when parents would like to witness the way the teachers conduct the lessons before they officially sign up their children) But the SMS reply I received yesterday night was that I will not be able to take up the leave because they will be having parents coming in. I simply had to take that leave because I had been putting off doing my practicum folder since last week and I (supposedly, before I convince the administration personnel to extend the deadline. Hehehe) had to hand it in by today (which obviously didn't happen). So I decided to just take half day off. Right now, there are two things that's really infuriating :-

1) There was absolutely no parent that came on for trail today. None. Zilch.
2) He did not even bother replying my second SMS where I asked him if I could actually take half day off. Bloody hell. He just played dead. (He might as well be. ARGH! Evil thoughts. Stop it, Liz)

He's not happy with my decision to leave the centre? I understand that but why the cold, unprofeesional way of showing it? F**K, life goes on. Yeah, it is definitely not easy to get a good replacement but that does not mean that it's impossible. Shit happens. Get over it and get on with life already. Why harbour all the hatred? Forgive.

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