Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Our Little Secret, okay?

The most heart-warming thing happened today. One of my students told me early in the morning that she had something to tell me - in private. As we were having lesson, (yes, pre-schoolers are like that. They can just blurt out the most irrelevant issue during lesson.) I replied that she can do so after naptime, which she did.

We were doing some art and craft when she reminded me about the "little secret" that she wanted to share with me. So we went to another room, where there were no one and that's when she told me all about it. This was how the conversation went.

Student (S): Teacher Khaliza, I have a boyfriend , you know.
Teacher Khaliza (TK): Wow! Where is he now?
S: He's in Hong Kong.
TK: Wow! That's great. How old is he?
S: I cannot remember lei. But I like him a lot. He got hold my hand before, you know. He very nice to play one.
TK: (laughs) I am extremely glad to hear that. I am happy for you. He doesn't bully you like the other boys, right?
S: No lei. He very nice one. I like him lei.
TK: Do you call him on the phone?
S: No. I very happy lei.
TK: Okay, I am very glad that you shared that with me. I need to go do something now. Why don't you go back to class, okay?
S: OKAY! Lalalalalala

She breathed a sigh of relief and was "lala-ing" away. It was like she was so glad to let this "burden" off her chest. She really trusted me with that little secret of hers. I felt fantastic after that. Call me emotional, traditional whatever. But moments like this are the reasons why I believe that working with children was what I was made to do on this Earth.

Thank ALLAH for this blessing that YOU have bestowed upon me. I shall make the best of this opportunity eventhough there are things about this profession that I don't quite fancy.

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alexis said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments honey!

Thats a really touching story, sounds like your job is really fulfilling...I can only hope for that one day hehe...