Wednesday, July 20, 2005


ARGH! I am so annoyed with this boy in my class. I call him PENISBOY (Why? Because he always seem to have problems with his penis) Anyways, he has this attitude problem. He absolutely adores throwing tantrums to get his way around. Me being the hard-headed, evil educator that I am, I do not like to do things HIS way. I do not want him to think that he can get whatever he wants just by throwing a tantrum. So I would always, always shout and shout and shout at him and at every other student in my class. He can just spoil the whole damn day. Do you know how tiring it is when you have this bunch of preschoolers "attacking" you all at once and this PENISBOY stamping his feet because his friend ACCIDENTALLY brushed against him? ARGH!

I am becoming exactly like what I do not want to be. Before I became a teacher, I always made a promise to myself that I will not be like 90% of the teachers I encountered in my whole lifetime. Monotonous, always shouting, boring and extremely fierce and strict. I love the kids sooooo much but ARGH! I am just so darn impatient! I need to control my anger.

I have to change. I have to! I MUST!

I shall do less shouting from tomorrow onwards. If by any chance, PENISBOY throws another one of his tantrums ( which I am VERY sure he will), I will divert my attention to the other kids first and let him settle down before I tackle the situation with him. Stay calm, Liz. Let him know, you care.

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