Monday, July 18, 2005

And the love lives on...

Last Sunday, my ex-schoolmate got engaged to his long-time girlfriend. FARID! Congrats, dude! ARGH! I was not able to attend the function because had some stuff to complete. Fortunately for me, Helmi passed on some pictures taken on that day. You're the best, Helmi!

Here goes....
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The boys...The good-looking ones are my ex-classmates while the balance are not. Hahahahahahaha....Boys will be boys. The one with the dreadlocks is the groom's brother. He is only 20 years old but he looks like 6 years older.Hahahahahahaha..Can't believe he had dreadlocks. He does not resemble his brother AT ALL. The one on the RASTABOY's left is Imran - my old crush. I used to be head over heels for him (The key word is "...used to"). The guys said he was gone for a bit. I guess now he's back. Welcome back! The Used-to-be Virgin Haizam is now happily attached and happily hiding his face behind some guy - showing only his fingerS. The one with the pink cap is the person who made this entry possible. Mr Deathstar himself - HELMI! Your beau and you are totally compatible. You guys are made for each other. Happy for you! d;)

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You should know which one is the bride. The girls are mostly the guy's girlfriends. None of my ex-girl classmates turned up, Sob! Sob!

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The boys and their girlfriends. Awwwwww....Happy ending.

All the best to you, Farid. Semoga jodoh kalian berkekal hingga ke jinjang pelamin dan terus hingga ke anak cucu. Semoga ALLAH swt selalu merahmati kalian sekeluarga.

By the way, ikat berapa tahun ah??

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