Friday, July 22, 2005

Inspire me, Inspire you

It was actually a blessing in disguise that I decided to go for my tuition yesterday night. It was a pretty unusual session with the kids as well as the mother. I like Kak Atinah. She is so friendly. On top of that, she is soft-spoken, understanding and very motherly even to me. I always feel at ease whenever I stepped into the house to teach tuition. It makes carrying out the job a lot easier. Anyways, That's not what I want to blog about.

10 minutes into the session, Kak Atinah came up to me and asked if it would be alright if she added another child to the group - making it 3 children altogether (is this story sum?). Alhamdullillah. I was hoping for extra cash since I was playing with the idea of getting my own digicam real soon. So that intention of hers was ALLAH's way of answering to my prayer. That was the first blessing.

Second. The girl who whom Kak Atinah wanted to add into the group gave her a story sum which the little had trouble solving. Kak Atinah posted the story sum to me because she herself was having difficulties solving it. I was a little reluctant to do it at first and decided to just give up. I was tired from a hard day's work and I really don't feel like thinking too hard (HORRIBLE!) While I was trying to solve the problem, Shahirah (Kak Atinah's daughter and my tuition student) were talking to each other about how the little girl would like to go and further her studies to university and all. I have to confess that I took a long while to solve the problem. Silently, I asked ALLAH for help. O ALLAH, please enlighten me on the method I can use to solve this story sum. Verily there is no one who can help me but YOU. 2 minutes later, guess what. I SOLVED IT! I was dead happy. Alhamdullillah. Thank ALLAH for that. Upon seeing that, Kak Atinah told her daughter to be just like me - never give up and keep on trying. She said that the result of never giving up was success and then she took my mini-battle with the problem sum as an example. I felt satisfied and inspired. I felt happy that a mother would want to take me to be the example for her daughter. With my simplicity and all, I can still be an inspiration to some one else - hopefully. Kak Atinah's comments really made my day (or night). Thank you ALLAH for blessing with such greatness in times of stress. These are the little things in life that we can fail to appreciate if we just pass the days by without reflecting. Thank ALLAH for the creation of blogs.

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