Sunday, July 24, 2005

My baby niece, Athirah

Athirah (my little baby niece) was crying non-stop today. I really have no idea why this was so. She came over to my house and started crying and continued even when they got to Kakak's house. It was heart-wrenching to hear her cry like that. I really wished I could do something about what was bothering that little niece of mine. I prayed that whatever it was that was bothering her would just go away. All of us said our prayers. It was so tense.

I called Abang a few minutes ago to check on her condition. She's feeling much better now. Alhamdullillah. Hopefully, she sleeps well tonight. Good night, my little shweet niece. Auntie Liza loves you soooo much. Muahkz

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