Sunday, July 24, 2005

The guys' best friend

I went online after coming back from Abang' place. I met Haizam, Helmi, Raihan and Jid (Farid's brother). They were discussing about a blog entry of a certain friend of ours, which was really making them frustrated. As for me, I was browsing through Haizam's list of friends in FRIENDSTER when I came upon a familiar name. She was an ex-schoolmate of mine, just like the guys. I visited her profile and boy was I shocked.

I could not believe that that was her. NAILA! She is just so different now. Horny nurse? Shesh! Wow! I was just lost for words. I couldn't believe it. That couldn't be her. Her dad is so pious. That couldn't be her. It was impossible but it was true.

Naila was always the pretty and cool one, you know. Even back in secondary school. Remember Imran, my ex-crush? Hahahahaha...They were together for the longest time. I guess I sort of expected her to be that hot but I was still shocked.

That got me thinking. I bet Naila turn heads wherever she walks. No doubt about that. I can never be like that, you know. I mean I'm a woman after all and I love being beautiful and the centre of attention. But what kind of attention do I want from the opposite gender? Do I want them to look at me and go "Heck, that chick's hot. Man, wonder if she's good in bed?" or "Damn!Wish I could spank that ass!" or "That girl's cute." or "Stuck-up biatch." or "This girl's cool. I can really be myself with her." Wish I'm all of that. Hahahahaha...But I guess by nature, I am more of the type of girl whom the guys see as a good friend initially and then as they progress and get to know me better, they will think "Hey, Liza's a little different, isn't she?" I get that a lot. I don't turn heads wherever I walk or have guys fall heads over heels in love with me at first sight. I am the sort of girl whom you have to get to know to finally see d;) Good nitez and sleep tight, jolly people of the world!

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i simply can't agree more ...[quote] 'u are different' [unquote] BSURSICUB4