Monday, July 18, 2005

After all this time....

Syukur alhamdullillah. I have finally able to edit my template to the way I want it to be. ALL BY MYSELF! It's a case of trial and error. Hahahahahaha... I Love my (blog)skin just the way it is.

A good friend of mine pointed out earlier when I was on the phone with her that my (blog)skin seemed a little melancholic. Hahahahahaha...She means no harm and I know that. Well, I think that this new (blog)skin of mine has a rather calming effect (on me at least). The previous ones were mostly too in-your-face. I mean I love colours, that's for sure. However, what attracted me to this (blog)skin was the serenity. I have always associated orange with the sunset. It is not too emo because of the surfer.

When I look at my (blog)skin, I perceive myself resting and enjoying the sunset after a hard day's work. Reflecting on the day's happening is how I intend to end my day - everyday.

Aaaahhhhhhhhh.......Bliss - pure bliss.

Thank you, ALLAH for showing me the right way to do the edition.
I'm happy. d;)

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