Monday, July 18, 2005

My hi5 account lives again

What a way to reactivate my hi5 account. I got an email from hi5 about a message some guy sent me. Guess what he wrote ( or typed more like it.)
Hi there
i have to say u really look sweet.. i know it sounds lame. i hope to know u in person. so.. contact me soon!
Hahahahahahaha...And you should see my pic that I put up. I look damn stoink, as always. Hahahahahaha...I just cannot stop laughing. Don't get me wrong, I love myself and all. But it's just that....hahahahahahaha...okay, get a grip Liz.......hahahahahahaha....the guy is cute, I mean not physically. (By the way, he's got pleasant looks and he's YOUNGER.) The whole message is cute. Hahahahahahahaha....Bloody hell, get a grip of yourself Khaliza...
Anyways, lame or not, that guy made my day. It's always great to receive compliments, isn't it? It's not like I get it everyday. Shesh.
Moreover, he's younger. It's defintely not my preference but if it's fate, then I will just accept it. (Not fated to be with that guy, just younger guys in general. DUH!)
Oh ALLAH, let my life partner be someone who is slightly older than me (max. 10 years :) ) and is mature enough to guide our family to the right path of Islam and will take good care of me and my family.
Nonetheless, however young or old he may be, I will accept him willingly because YOU know things that are hidden from me. Amin.

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