Tuesday, June 7, 2005

You sure you need that?

I was just watching TV yesterday and as usual, there were tonnes of advertisements. That was when I decided to create this post. A particular facial solution promised beautiful,flawless, perfect,baby soft skin. Guess who the models were? Jessica Simpson, Elle Macpherson and Britney Spears. I was just wondering. Don't these celebrities ALREADY have beautiful,flawless, perfect,baby soft skin?

Another product came to mind. This time, a slimming product. Who might be the spokesperson be? FANN WONG! HAH! What a joke! It's like you can go sick just by looking at the smile on her face when she says she lost 3kg in just a few months (or was it weeks?) A load of rubbish! Isn;t Fann Wong stick-thin, I mean slim, in the first place? So how can we the potential users determine whether the darn product really worked?

These people are basically celebrities who have personal stylists at their beck and call. These professional stylist can just hide or even "erase" a zit on the spot. I mean, they are defitnitely the worst proofs of the products capability.

Why don't these suppliers get real people with real skin problems and experiment on them rather than hiring some already-beautiful celebrities to model their products?

Like that slimming product featuring Zoe Tay's so-called rival. Why don't it feature that Chinese actress ( that Aiyoyo lady) and have her use it and see if it really works? I'm not criticising her or anything but if she can really lose weight by consuming the product ( and managed to stay healthy at the same time) then probably it's worth buying.

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