Wednesday, June 8, 2005

To cover or not to cover

Muslims girls who wear "tudung". Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely NOTHING against them. However, I just cannot stand it when they wear tudung and use chains on the side pockets, wear tonnes of makeup and shave their eyebrows. I do not claim to be the pious one here but what is the use of covering yourself up when you do all those things? Some of them are even worse. They wear tudung to jamming sessions and gigs at Youth Park. Gigs! I mean, the bands there play music that contain vulgarities! It just does not make sense. If you want to wear it, do it properly. One last thing that I cannot stand with tudung girls is when they just cannot part from their boyfriends. They will be all over the lads in public. Don;t they know in actual fact, Muslims girls are not allowed to even mix with the men? What's more, they are wearing tudung! Masya ALLAH.

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