Sunday, June 5, 2005

Reunion with the boyz

I am so glad I went online earlier today. Guess who I meet up with? HAIZAM! He was my secondary schoolmate. We used to be in the same class while in Yishun Town Secondary School If that is not enough a bonus, Helmi was also there and so was Raihan. All the maniacs! Hahahahahaha....I was dead happy. What a reunion! (Well, kind of.)

We chatted for quite a bit until each one of them had to go and live their lives.

I did not realize that it has been 6 years since we last met. (Thanks, Helmi!) Each one of us has grown up in our own beautiful ways. I could not contain my happiness. I learnt some new things about my old friends as well. (Haizam & Helmi, you should know what I mean. Notti,notti) There was also one shocking confession from one of them. Hahahahahaha...

High school was not THAT easy for me. I always wanted to fit in but I just could not. I was never really one of the coooool ones. I do not posses model features, was a tomboy,talk too much,was fat (still am. Hehehe) don't play in a band and cannot sing.I was basically a nobody. I tried very hard to fit in but I never could. Sighs. But somehow, I enjoyed those days. A case of when love and hate collides, yeah? I don't know.

I miss those days when I would (sometimes) go jamming with them.Hahahahahaha....But of course, I would just sit down there and do nothing. At that time, I wanted so badly to get Imran's attention. Hahahahahaha...What a fool. Puppy love. (Hey Imran, what's up, bro)

I did not realise that anyone would watch THAT particular episode of TRUE COURAGE. Hahahahaha...Both of them actually saw it! Hahahahahahaha...But I really enjoyed acting in that show, eventhough it was just for one small scene. Hopefully, I could get more acting offers? Hehehehe

Hey, Helmi & Haizam, I seriously hope that the reunion you guys had in mind will happen. I am really looking forward to it. Okok, no VIPs. I'll try and fit in a time slot to help you guys out with the preparations in my very busy schedule, okay? Kwang 3x.

What a great way to end my weekend.

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