Saturday, May 14, 2005

To be Achieved

I have a million things that I would like to achieve or do before my time in this "rented home" is up.

I would like to be able to teach in a foreign country. To be able to experience the teaching environment in a country that I can only dream of. To learn the culture and how children from parts of the world grow up and the struggles that they have to undergo. There is so much we can learn from children. Unlike others who think that only adults can teach, I believe that we can also be taught by the younger generation.

I would also like to explore the world. Just travel. Be paid to travel to the different parts of the world. Open my eyes and mind to the beauty that I see only from the Internet,books. To be able to touch,feel and smell.

Penning down my thoughts for all to read and feel the emotions when I write the piece of article is also part of TO ACHIEVE list. You can touch lives with words - whether it's in black and white or verbally.

Eventhough pictures are wordless, one can capture the thoughts as well as the emotions of the person being pictured. Photography interests me as well. It's not just clicking blindly. Anyone Tom,Dick or Harry can do that. I would like to be able to take pictures that will pave a pat6hway leading to the soul of the person being pictured. The pictures are overflowing with so much emotion that when viewed, it makes the person cry with empathy ( for the struggles she/he had to go through) or with joy (for the goodness that has been bestowed upon him/her).

And the list goes on and on..and so does time.

Despite the rush to achieve them, I still would like to be able to embrace the love and laughter of my loved ones.

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