Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Live to educate

I have always know of the reality of being a teacher. The hard work, the research of a passionate educator. But only now do I really I know for sure how much work one has to put in in order to give the best to our little customers. It's not an easy job. When I told everyone in my previous that I was going into the education field, their reaction to that was, " Yeah lah, much better what. Less stressful."

Initially, I dare to second that. But now, it's a totally different picture. Shesh! Moreover, the centre that I am currently working at is very new and needs a lot of displays. I have to admit that I'm really stressed out because of that. What's more, I have my practicum to think about. ARGH!

Breathe, Liza, breathe....

I must look at the situation from a different angle. Being the pioneer does require a lot of work and creativity but that allows me to stretch my creativity and thinking skills to the fullest. Rushing for the lesson plans, vertical displays, practicum is very stressful but I believe that it's good because it is actually an opportunity for me to practise my time management skills. I have so many things to do but oh so little time.

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