Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Papa don't preach

Dad sent me to the MRT station today (as usual). While we were in the car, he told me to get a job that is not as far as my current one. He told me to ask for a position at a company just beside my previous organiscation. As far as I know, one of my relatives work there and that company is also a semicond ( I think.)

I did not bother arguing with him. It's really no use, I think. He will never get it. I told him that it's teaching that I want. He then asnwered that I should wait for NIE if teaching is what I want. But it is not as simple to confirm a place there. I have tried thousands of times but my "...application is unsuccessful." Same old reply.

I know that he has my interest at heart. This change of occupations has been very challenging for me - financially. I strongly believe that this is what is bothering him. The other day, while we were in the car, my dad gave me $60 because he knew that I was extremely broke for that period of time. I was overwhelmed by his generosity. I just kept my tears in.

Anyways, it was early in the morning and I was really in NO mood to stir up a fight with my dad. So I just let it go. I breathed in and let all the anger out...slowly. I have made the decision and I will stand firm to it. Anyways, I know where my father is coming from. He worries about me eventhough he don't show it. But I have to get through this and make my dream a reality. Insya ALLAH, Bapa. I will make you proud when you see me running my own centre successfully and passing my experience to the future educators.

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